You can use the link below to send dontations. Please include a note with:

  1. what offering(s) you want
  2. quantity
  3. whole bean or ground (if ground, how will you brew it?)
  4. address or when/where I can get the coffee to you in person link

Here are my current offerings:

  • Regular: 12 oz Guatemala Huehuetenango Asobagri (Organic, Fair Trade, SHB, Woman-run growers coop)

  • Decaf: 12 oz DECAF Guatemala Royal Select (Swiss water process)

  • Half Caf: 12 oz 50/50 mix of the above beans

I am still in the semi-pro phase so I’m not yet selling my coffee. But if you are family or a friend I’ll send you some as a “gift”.

So that I can sustain this hobby, recomended donation is:

  • In person pickup: $5.00 per 12 oz. bag
  • Mailed via USPS Priority: $5.00 per 12 oz. bag plus $13 shipping (I can fit 6 bags in a box)

I order 150 pound burlap bags of coffee in order to get the best price. Yes, that’s a lot of coffee! In the spirit of transparency, here’s the money I have a 12oz bag of coffee:

  • $3.50 for the green coffee beans
  • $0.75 for the bag (I use nice “ziplock” resealable kraft foil bags with CO2 vent)
  • a few cents worth of propane

And here’s the money I have in shipping:

  • 12” x 10” x 8” box $0.50
  • USPS Priority shipping $12.50