About Us

Homestead Hacker is John Brantly, a tech industry veteran and student of the 60's and 70's computer counter culture and the hacker ethic.  Born in 1971, I was a young member of the first generation of "geeks" privileged to play with the personal computer and the internet.

I did some cool work in tech, but culinary adventures and feeding people delicious food are what really make me happy.  Conservation of natural resources and sustainability-- these have become guiding principles.  Homestead is our long-term project...  backyard chickens, fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, and various instruments used to cook food over fire.

I have been roasting coffee at home for about fifteen years along with brewing beer, pickling vegetables, drying meats, and other culinary arts.  I quickly learned how big of a deal freshness is with roasted coffee.  Over time my obsession with creating the most delicious cup of coffee has grown.

In April of 2020, I discovered drum roasting on a propane grill.  Suddenly, I could roast 10-20 times as much coffee in the same amount of time as previous home roasting systems.  What could we do with this super power?  Share it with others, of course!

I live in Chatham County, North Carolina with my wife Katherine and our five year old daughter, Sara Beth.