Transparency as a home coffee roaster

Hello family and friends!  Transparency is important to us, so we want to fully disclose how our coffee is roasted and packaged, and what costs are involved as a "semi-pro" home coffee roaster.

We roast coffee on our deck using a modified propane grill, and package the beans in our kitchen.  We are conscientious about cleanliness and food safety during the roasting and packaging process, and operate as we would if we were in a USDA inspected facility.  You can see the entire process as we live stream, or on our youtube channel, that's about as transparent as it gets!

Until we have a USDA inspected facility, and are set up to sell to the public, we are serious about not selling to make a profit, we are just trying to break even.  Any small profit that is made will be put back into roasting more and better coffee!  There are a lot of benefits that we get out of doing this. Homestead Hacker may or may not become a coffee roasting company-- but roasting a bunch of coffee enables us to work on other coffee related business ideas including education and online communities.  Plus we love doing it and sharing fresh coffee!

Here is a break down of our current cost to sell a bag of coffee online as of November 2020.  Note that to get this pricing on green coffee beans (greens), we must purchase (and store) full 120 pound bags!  Also we have web hosting, propane, and roaster maintenance costs to cover.

Single bag online sale example:

greens (approx.) $4.00
greens shrink (approx. 10%) $0.40
CO2 vented, resealable bag $0.60
labels $0.05
packing materials $0.75
shipping cost delta (approx.) $0.50
credit card processing $0.68